About Crazy About Crafting

I have created this blog to share my work, promote other crafters, and talk about general things I find interesting. My name is Matthew Nix and work with several mediums to create interesting pieces of wearable art. I also teach some of the techniques I use. I am looking for other crafters in all mediums. If you would like to be blogged about… please contact me to be considered.

Matthew Nix



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  1. Belinda said,

    What a wonderful idea, Matthew. Thank you for helping us all out. My husband and I have been crazy about art for as long as we’ve know each other. He was my drawing teacher when we got together. He is a fine artist trained in illustration at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. I’ve studied clay, printmaking, drawing and paintig…but find myself stuck living with someone who is so very good. But I keep supplies out, and will get back into making things sometime soon I hope.

    For me, it is the process I love. Paul Winnicott once wrote that there was a middle space between the conscious and unconscious. That middle space is where I go when I create something and it feels wonderful. I miss it…but will be back there.

    Thanks again for this forum of help and connections.

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